Kensington Recovery House Reaches Out to the Local Community

After a recent report by the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s office on Philadelphia’s opioid crisis, many organizations are reaching out to those in need.

One of those organizations is First Stop Recovery, located on Kensington Ave. First Stop is working to assist those recovering from addiction.

First Stop hopes to create a space where their clients can feel safe and supported in their recovery process. They also assist with support in resumes and job applications.

“These people need help because they can’t help themselves. That’s what this is about, it’s a ‘we’ program,” First Stop client Joe Scheidhauer.

First Stop Director Frank Aikens said about 30 people currently reside in the First Stop house, but as the weather gets colder more are expected to join the program.

Clients in First Stop’s homes meet weekly with an outpatient program for evaluations and medical assistance.

Temple students also assist with the neighborhood through new class taught this semester.

Professor Jillian Bauer-Reese teaches the class “Kensington Voice,” where students are encouraged to engage and understand their neighboring communities.

“We’re just hoping that by being on the ground in Kensington on a regular basis, we’ll build relationships with the community.” Professor Reese stated. 

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