Cherry Street Pier: Open for Business

Cherry Street Pier opened its doors to the public on October 12th, offering a vibrant public space for Philadelphians and tourists alike to explore.

Developed by the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, the former 20th Century warehouse, now turned public space, offers riverside views, food vendors, and 14 art studios. The art studios themselves are made from old shipping containers and have an open concept so that visitors can see artists working on their craft.

So far, four food vendors will occupy the new attraction, with three of them serving food out of refitted trolley cars that used to traverse Columbus Boulevard.  There are two floors inside, with the second floor offering views of the river and art studios below. A section that faces the Delaware River has stadium seating where visitors can enjoy their food while taking in views of the river, the Ben Franklin Bridge, and Camden, New Jersey.

On its opening day Cherry Street Pier welcomed hundreds of visitors from around the area.

Joe Forkin, President of the DRWC said “It’s meant to be a creative hub that fosters collaboration, accessibility, innovation, and diversity. It is a project that is meant as an asset for all facets of the creative community and economy here in the city.”

Jodi Milkman, the Executive Vice President of the DRWC believes that Cherry Street Pier is “Spruce Street [Harbor Park] on steroids.

We spoke with Temple alumnus Megan Keogh, who brought her husband and young daughter to the pier. Her husband Robert says that they’ve been to New York and other cities that have opened similar public spaces like Cherry Street Pier and that he [and his family] are excited that Philadelphia is doing the same.

Following its opening day on October 12th, Cherry Street Pier kicks off a two-week long festival called “Festival for the People”. The Festival aims to highlight different forms of art and to define just what contemporary art is. The festival ends October 28th, but the harbor will be a year-long attraction  

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