Klein College’s Celebration of Equity and Diversity

On Monday, Dr. Marie Hardin, President of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication honored Klein College in front of students and faculty, crediting the facility for establishing diverse environments on campus.

“The facility is so student centered, they are committed to the success of the students and you can really feel a commitment to the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication has been selected to be the 10th recipient of this award. The Equity and Diversity award recognizes the active approach toward instilling and sustaining diversity within the college.



Dean of Klein College, David Boardman shares his thoughts about winning this prestigious award.

“This is the award that I am the most proud of because this is the most important value of our college, and our university. Diversity, Equity and inclusion connection with and serving the community.”


Klein College held an Equity and Diversity celebration by showcasing research projects and community initiatives in the atrium of Annenberg Hall. To conclude the celebration many gathered in Mitten Hall for a panel discussion with Klein College faculty titled “Where do we still need to go?”, acknowledging the next steps in expanding inclusion efforts.

Professor Scott Gratson, one of the panelists during the event, encouraged students to use their voice and stand up for marginalized groups.


“And I think the very next big step must be, how do we expand the cannon to make our students realize they have this capacity to take activism to a whole new level.”


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