Council Proposes Bill To Hold Landlords, University Accountable For Students

A new ordinance proposed by Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke could hold the universities and landlords accountable for students’ behavior off-campus.

If passed, the legislation would designate the area around Temple as an ‘educational housing district.’ The district already exists in areas around other universities in the city such as LaSalle and St. Joseph’s.

The proposal spawns the long-standing tension between long-time North Philadelphia residents, and students residing off campus. Putting more responsibilities on the University brings the hope of calming down the rowdiness of some students’ behavior. This is means to control the loud late night drinking sessions, abundant amounts of litter, and major destruction of property.

Temple University officials say wants students to be aware that they are responsible to abide by the student conduct code off campus, as they would if they were on campus.

The proposal would also require students to notify the University of their off campus living address. They must also clear other information with the university. For example, the university must know if the student is bringing a vehicle with them, and every time they have a violation, such as a parking ticket.

Temple is already taking steps towards taking a bigger role in student’s living off campus. Recently they expanded police patrol borders around 20 square blocks, increasing its total to almost 100 square blocks. The new patrol zone is now bound by 18th Street, to the W. Susquehanna Avenue, N. Ninth street to the east, and Jefferson Street to the south. To not only be able to monitor the student’s behavior, but also to protect the 13,000 students that live both on and around campus.

The next step for the ordinance is that it will be debated by the City Council.

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