Temple’s First State of the University Address

President Neil Theobald gave the first State of the University Address to the Faculty Senate and other administration October 14, 2014.

His big announcement was a $500,000 seed feed for arts and humanities starting in 2015, with fund’s from the President’s Office Reserve.

Theobald stated his goal was to keep funding research within the university, as Temple has seen a 6.8% increase in federal funding and $16.2 million in philanthropy.

Temple’s newest commercial called “We Take Charge” was shown at the address, following the same themes as the Temple Made campaign.

Among the other goals Theobald stated were:

  • A commitment to affordability
  • Telling the Temple story
  • Harnessing the mind to help the city
  • Research that improves lives
  • A diverse student body
  • The entrepreneurial spirit

Theobald is the first Temple President to deliver a State of the University, and said he’d like to hold the same event every year.

You can find the full address here.

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