Latin Voters Impact

In this year’s elections, more Latin Americans went out to vote. This was crucial in Pennsylvania’s election outcome, where the Latin community has exponentially  grown over the last 9 years.

Latin Americans expressed their feelings about what got them to vote in this year’s elections. Mónica Rodríguez said that, “If I wanted decisions to be made that helped my life or my community or the society that I live in, I need to vote for the people who makes those decisions for us.”

Most Americans have the chance to choose who they want their United States government officials to be. For some Latin Americans voting means that they are the representation of their people.

Esaí Figueroa, a visual artist from Puerto Rico said that, “As a Puerto Rican what motivated me to vote was because the people back in Puerto Rico do not have the right to vote unless they are here in the mainland”.

Besides some of the reason’s Latinos used their civic right to vote, they also have other expectations on what they would like the next administration to do.

Some of the issues brought up were, “the hundreds of kids, immigrant children, who are separated from their families, I want to see them back with their families”.

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