Legit Delivery Service a Hit on Temple’s Campus

The temperatures are dropping, school work is getting harder, so who has time to wait in line at a food truck? Temple University has an alternative for you to stay at your current location and still get a hot meal from a food truck.

Temple students, there is no need to wait in lines anymore at food trucks. With legit delivery service, you can enjoy a meal in the luxury of your own house. Last October, three Temple students got together and created the first food truck delivery service on campus.

“Went to get food at the bus truck and walked back home and realized that they don’t have delivery service and I think it’s a better way for them to expand their market”, said co-founder Sarunyoo Tohchoodee.

“Pretty much provide the delivery service where you can just enjoy it in the comfort of your own home as opposed to standing out in the cold or waiting, or doing anything else. So pretty much, a worry free dinner,” said Financial Director of Legit Delivery, William Shanley.

The completed orders made on the website get sent to the delivery bikers. The food is ready in less than 30 minutes then delivered. The Legit Food Company works with all the food trucks on Temple’s campus, averaging about five to ten orders.

“Its really all about efficiency, safety, and providing good and friendly service for the people,” said delivery man Charles.

“I usually order legit delivery about once a week,” said Temple senior Kevin Harkins. “It works out well for me, they always get the food there on time, its usually pretty hot. I don’t really like to go outside in the cold, so I hate the winter so it’s really nice to be able to get a cheesesteak or a burger delivered to me.”

One of the biggest advantages of legit delivery is that they allow customers to order from multiple places with only one delivery fee. to beat the line and the cold, go to legitdelivery.com and order away.

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