5 Must-Know Tips for Temple Freshmen

For the incoming class of freshmen, senior Sarah Cannon has left her five tips on do’s and don’ts for the first semester at Temple University.

1. Don’t buy all the books:

Many professors list books that you do not need at all, so wait until the professor specifically tells you to get that one book, instead of all of them.

2. Newbies: Stay out of basement parties:

Use the buddy system, and if it seems sketchy, that means it is sketchy. Use common sense.

3. Eating on campus alone isn’t weird:

Eating by yourself on campus is fine! Everyone is on a busy schedule and eating by yourself is more common than you might think.

4. Get off social media:

The people who are standing in front of you are more important then what you have in the palm of your hand!

5. Meet as many people as you can:

College is all about making new friends, the people you meet now might be your friends for life.

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