Temple Buys William Penn High

Philadelphia’s School Reform Commission has approved Temple’s bid to buy the former William Penn High School Property for 15 million dollars.

The request was approved at the June 19th meeting of the SRC.

As Temple Update’s Rebeccah Hendrickson reported last November, Temple had been eyeing the property as an opportunity to expand down Broad Street as part of the Visualize Temple Plan.

William Penn High School, which closed in 2010, has a 10.5 acre campus at the corner of Broad and Master.

At the time of Hendrickson’s report, Temple’s plans for the property were unknown, but the university reports that part of the property will be used for a job-training academy run in a partnership with the the Laborers’ District Council Education and Training/Apprenticeship Fund.

According to Temple, the remainder of the site will be used for soccer and lacrosse fields and for facilities for intramural and club sports.


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