ListenTU Suspends Campaign

ListenTU drops out of presidential campaign due to indiscretions within TSG administration

Temple Student Government (TSG) campaign, ListenTU has suspended their campaign less than 24 hours before the scheduled vice-presidential debate.

In a press release dated Saturday, ListenTU says the reason they withdrew from the race was due to “indiscretions” within the current TSG administration and is concerned about a fair and honest election.

ListenTU says TSG decision-makers came to the conclusion to continue with a spring semester voting timeframe, only consulting with BloomTU, the opposing campaign in the race.

BloomTU responded in their own press release, calling ListenTU’s claims as “libel.”

BloomTU denies ListenTU’s accusation that the current administration sided with BloomTU in keeping the election in the spring semester.

In addition, ListenTU says in their press release that BloomTU has evident advantages, with three members on the ticket already serving within the current TSG administration.

BloomTU’s press release continued by correcting ListenTU with the fact that the only current TSG member on the ticket is presidential candidate, Quinn Litsinger.

ListenTU says BloomTU’s advantages came to light during an email exchange between Aalayah Taylor, ListenTU’s Vice President of External Affairs, and Rofiat Oseni, TSG’s Chief Ethics Judge.

“In a series of emails between Taylor and Oseni, Taylor seeking clarification regarding the second debate format after misinformation was given to ListenTU, Oseni was quoted calling Taylor ‘a confused and careless candidate’ followed by a line stating Oseni should ‘grow up and step your campaign game up,’” ListenTU said in a press release.

BloomTU says they do not take responsibility for the email exchange, as Oseni is not affiliated with their campaign, but does not endorse the comments she made.

Oseni responded to the allegations in a press release, saying “As the first black woman to serve as Chief Judge, people have tried to assume I don’t know how to do my job and have disrespected me on multiple occasions. I have had to adapt to the circumstances and navigate standing up for myself in this role. Lastly the Ethics Board has always been impartial. As evidenced, BloomTU was punished for a violation when ListenTU wasn’t.”

She added that the Ethics Board “does not take these false accusations lightly,” and says they are open to answering any and all questions from the student body.

In another instance, current TSG Director of Communications and BloomTU’s Director of Communications, Jessica Torres, submitted comments endorsing BloomTU under a TSG post of the Executive Debate, in which BloomTU received a warning.

BloomTU appealed the warning and said campaign members of ListenTU did the same.

“Debates have always served as public and open forums for campaigns to express their support. ListenTU’s campaign members also commented on the live debate in support of their candidate, and BloomTU defends their right to do so,” BloomTU said in their press release.

The election will proceed to be on April 14 & 15. Students can vote via TUportal.

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