Little Progress in Washington as February 15th Deadline Looms

With Friday’s deadline for an agreement between Congress and the president over funding for a border wall growing ever closer, many politicians on both sides of the aisle are bracing for what comes next.

Following a temporary agreement to re-open the government last month, President Trump has repeatedly stated that he and his staff are willing to take action if funding for his border wall is not approved by this Friday the 15th.

This weekend the Washington Post reported that talks between both parties broke down once again when House Democrats and Senate Republicans could not reach an agreement over funding for the wall and border security.

On Monday, Trump Tweeted “The Border Committee Democrats are behaving, all of a sudden, irrationally. Not only are they unwilling to give dollars for the obviously needed Wall (they overrode recommendations of Border Patrol experts), but they don’t even want to take muderers into custody! What’s going on?”

Trump later visited El Paso for a rally on border security, speaking on the threat of “gangs” and “drugs” coming over the border.

Experts on border enforcement, however, have since shot back at Trump, citing CBP statistics that claim that the majority of drugs entering the U.S. come from legal points of entry, which a wall would not defend against.

El Paso is also the home of former Congressman Beto O’Rourke, a figure many have looked toward as a possible  Democratic candidate to oppose Trump in 2020.

Beto O’Rourke speaking to supporters at a rally in El Paso
PC: Beto O’Rourke Twitter

O’Rourke held a counter-rally across the street from Trump’s, fact-checking the president as the speech went on.

It is currently unknown if Trump will declare a state of emergency or shut down the government again should the deadline pass without a deal.

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