New Scholarship to Help Students Experiencing Food and Housing Insecurity

Temple Student Government is giving a $5,000 scholarship to one student who is experiencing food and housing insecurity.

The Ignite a Movement Scholarship was created this semester by TSG to provide one student with funds to afford a meal plan and subsidize housing costs next year. The money was raised through the Temple University crowdfunding platform, OwlCrowd

Currently, at Temple University, 35% of students are experiencing food insecurity.

The scholarship will be given to one student this semester, which will then be used during the next school year.

We spoke to TSG President, Gadi Zimmerman, about how a scholarship like this would impact future student government organizations.

“Raising awareness for food and housing insecurity is something that we are passionate about so we hope that this scholarship fund will be a good platform for future organizations to raise money for something that they are passionate about”, Zimmerman stated.
Students seeking assistance with food insecurity can visit the Cherry Pantry in the student center.

If you want to donate to the Ignite a Movement Scholarship Fund, there is still time to through OwlCrowd.


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