Local Youngster Trains with Former NFL Player

David “D-Magic” Macon is on his way to being a football star. The only problem is, he may have to wait a couple of years to become a football great like Tom Brady or Joe Montana. That’s because D-Magic is only eleven-years-old.

Nicknamed “D-Magic” for his blazing speed yet humble demeanor, he lets his work ethic tell the story.

“Twice a week, I go to track, three times a week. I might have track meets on the weekends. And in the football season, I’ll have practice and games,” says David.

Former NFL cornerback Brandon Bing trains David, along with other young Philadelphia-area athletes, to cultivate their potential. Bing is impressed with what he has seen so far in David.

“As far as Magic, we started sessions inside, and he started showing up,” says Bing. “We worked something out. We were going about 2 to 3 times a week for like two months. We just saw the improvement. He’s a player who I’ve seen get consistently better but, naturally had that, so I said I got to work with him. So we started going 2-3 months straight and we just started picking it back up. Yeah, I think he’ll be great once he starts to get the details down.”

During the bi-weekly training, Bing tests David’s agility with drills that any professional football player would take part in. David’s football coach, Maquis Merricks, says that David is improving because of his work with Bing.

“It’s great that he’s with Bing,” Merricks says. “He’s learning D-Back drills, wide receiver drills, he’s getting his footwork. Incredible. His catching has gone up. His hand-eye coordination has gone up. His work off season has taken him to a whole other level.”

It is easy to see why David’s father, Ford Howard, has high hopes for his son.

“As a dad, I really want him to go to a good high school to display his talents with. And you know, I want to think short-term. He’s in the 5th grade right now. I want to think National Championship 2017 and getting into a good high school,” says Howard.

David’s goals include wanting to get into a good high school where he can continue to hone his skills so he can get into a reputable college. If he were to play a game with any professional football player, it would be Julio Jones. David plans to continue working so he can have a career in the NFL.

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