London Students on a Budget

TU student Jade Jarvis is reporting this semester from London. Her fourth report is on the ways that students studying abroad have saved money. 

With their semester abroad quickly coming to an end, most Temple London students have finessed the art of budgeting; saving money on transportation and other amenities by taking advantage of various resources.

“My favorite mode of transportation is the Tube. Its quick and easy—it gets you wherever you have to go and it comes about every 1 to 3 minutes,” said Temple student Olivia Hawkins. “And it’s very fairly easy to use!”

However the Tube isn’t the only mode of transportation in London; there are plenty of other options to satisfy even the pickiest of travelers.

“I like taking the bus. I think its cool because you still get to see everything that you’re going by,” said Temple student, Sabrina Iglesias. “And if you are on a route you’ve never been on before, you get to see a lot of things that you might want to go to in the future and you know how to get there.”

And each Temple student has been equipped with an Oyster card, which helps them save money on bus and Tube fare.

“Basically I use my Oyster card to the most of my ability,” said Hawkins. “Like I take it for the Tube because it goes to Zones 1 and Zones 2, so it’s really helpful and its unlimited for the bus as well.”

Temple students have also discovered that antique, food, and craft markets are relatively inexpensive when compared to department stores and grocery stores.

“Once I found the markets, like Camden and everything,” said Iglesias. “I found that I could buy a lot more for a lot less money.”

During their time abroad, Temple students have learned just as much outside of the classroom as they have inside. One of these life lessons is getting the best bang for your buck—or pound. Hopefully these good habits will remain with these students even after they return to Philadelphia.

This was Jade’s final report from London. Watch for more of Temple Update in London during the Fall 2014 semester.

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