Look Inside Temple’s New Science Education and Research Building

Construction on Temple University’s new Science Education and Research Center is still underway. The building will stand in front of Gladfelter Hall and will be hard to miss.

Peter D’Antonio, Project Executive, says the building is seven stories tall and 250,000 square feet, roughly equivalent to the size of three football fields.

On the 7TH floor students are given a beautiful view of Center City. However, the pretty skyline is not the only feature the building will have.

“The building will have a specially designed basement that is 35 feet high and is specially isolated from vibration, acoustical and electro-magnetic radiation,” explains Omar Hijab, the CST Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Information Technology, and Operations.

And while most of the building is still under construction, the skeleton is finished and most of the walls are up, forming hallways filled with offices, lecture halls, and even a bi-level atrium.

Vice President of Operations and Construction, James Creedon, explains how this new addition to Temple’s Campus is the last installment of the University’s ‘20/20 Plan‘.

“The 20/20 plan was really designed to look at housing and academic needs of the university, as well as some recreational needs and this building was identified as one to allow the College of Science and Technology to grow,” says Creedon.

The Science Education and Research Center is set to open in August 2014 and be ready for students to start classes in the Fall 2014 semester.

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