McGinty & Toomey Face Off in Final PA Senate Debate

Before they candidates squared off, supporters didn’t back down.

Hours before candidates Pat Toomey (R) and Katie McGinty (D) faced off at Temple’s Performing Arts Center, supporters of both Toomey and McGinty stood outside with signs, chanting for each candidate.

That energy carried over into the debate hall.

During the debate, the two candidates clashed over a number of issues, including an accusation that as a banker, Toomey engaged in predatory lending.

“Senator Toomey’s banking processes are literally considered illegal in 30 plus states,” accused Toomey.

Toomey countered by saying mcginty used the same practices when she worked for the state. “When Katie McGinty was the Secretary of the DEP, she through the DEP, used the same device on her own credit extensions.”

McGinty talked about how she would deal with the controversy over police involved shootings, such as doubling the community policing program and make sure they have the equipment to be active in the community.

While Toomey’s comments around the Black Lives Matter movement drew a reaction from the crowd.

After the debate, McGinty remained defensive against accusations of economic wrongdoing.

While Toomey continued to try and explain his position on Donald Trump.

“I was clear once again I feel like many Pennsylvanians do, that I’m stuck without a good choice,” said Toomey.

When it was all said done, both candidates had to field attacks from each other, and try to prove to voters one last time why they’re the best choice for Pennsylvania. With less than two weeks until election day, that campaign trail is far from over.

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