Morgan Hall Food Court Makes Changes to In-Person Dining 

The Morgan Hall food court closed its doors for in-person dining earlier this week due to recent violence.

According to a Temple dining associate, violent issues involving non-Temple students lead to the closure of in-person dining.  Now the Morgan Hall food court will only be accepting to-go orders.

There were some Temple students who were not happy with this decision. 

“I understand that Morgan [food court] is open to all people but people live in here,” said junior Kamora Helmes. “So, I feel like if they want to come down here and sit and eat, they should be able to do so.” 

Some students believed they shouldn’t be punished other people’s actions. 

“I also feel like it’s a bit extreme because we’re getting punished for something that wasn’t done by temple students,” said freshman Kieran Cooke. 

A recent fight between two women, not affiliated with the university, contributed to the changes. A dining worker told Temple Update there were no security guards present, so a worker had to step in.

Temple dining collaborated with Temple Public Safety to make the decision; however, students believe Temple needs to do more.

“They should up security, we’ve been saying this for a while, as well as monitor who is in here.” said Helmes.  

Temple dining closed the Broad Street entrance to the food court between the hours of 2-5 P.M. Students, faculty, and staff wanting to enter the food court must enter through the North terrace of Morgan Hall.

The Broad Street entrance will re-open between 5-8 P.M. however the to-go order service will remain effective until further notice. 

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