Artist in Residence: A Hot Glass Performance by Grace Whiteside

On March 17 Grace Whiteside (they/them) hosted a Hot Puppet Performance at Tyler School of Art.

They have been helping students learn more about the Glass Blowing craft and how to effectively teach students of Temple University while preparing for a much larger performance. 

During the performance for students, there were glass puppets that were created on-site to be displayed on a chandelier in front of students. 

The chandelier and hot glass were animated for the film shot by Grace Whiteside’s Team. As an artist, Grace emphasizes how important their presence is at Temple. 

 Grace states, “ They invited me here to be an artist in residence and work with their students and allow for this project that I already started to develop further and in preparation for a larger performance.”

Behind the scenes, Grace Whiteside and their team worked effortlessly to consistently keep new pieces involved in the show.

Students like Sebastian Zapata find environments to be comforting.”  It’s a good stress reliever I say for myself. I just go into the hot shop and just melt it all away. 

 Temple Alumna Olivia Chiaravalli enjoys her time doing projects like this because she is surrounded by a community of support while completing large projects like this.

Olivia states, “ My favorite part about Glass blowing is that it creates a community around you because you can’t blow alone unless you have years of practice.”

For more information on upcoming performances similar to these visit the Tyler School Of Arts website.

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