NBC’s Brian Williams Takes Home A ‘Lewy’

Mitten Hall served as the backdrop to celebrate and honor media and communication professionals that have made a lasting impact in the industry at the Lew Klein Awards. Students and faculty packed the awards ceremony Friday, September 28.

Among those, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams was honored with the Lew Klein Excellence in the Media Award from Temple University’s School of Media and Communication.

The school’s 14th Annual Lew Klein Awards Temple students and faculty with who have made an astonishing impact in the industry. This year, 14 distinguished media professionals have been selected to receive the Excellence in the Media award.

The topics ranged from his coverage of terrorism and Edward Snowden, to firsthand advice regarding how to succeed in the news business.

Past recipients of the Lew Klein Excellence in the Media award includes Whoopi Goldberg, Anderson Cooper and Ed Bradley.

Recipients of the award shared their personal journey during the awards ceremony.

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