Tokyo Game Show Unites Gamers Worldwide

Tokyo Game Show, or TGS is a video game exposition that’s been held in Tokyo every year since 1996. TGS is fairly popular, with people coming from across the globe to visit the convention.

This year’s attendance totaled more than 250,000 people. The event was so packed, wait times for the more popular games went as high as two hours.

The event not only holds countless games, but is also well-know for it’s cosplay events and multiple panels by famous Japanese pop stars, voice actors and video game industry professionals.

There are countless games at the show, and this year, there were also multiple independent games at the show.
TGS is not the only convention of its kind, E3 is another famed convention held in Los Angeles. But the differences between the two can be seen in the attendees.

“E3 is a press-only event, so if you’re a high schooler who loves games, but has no relation to the industry whatsoever,” said TGS attendee, Matthew Ponthier. “Tough luck, you’re not going to E3.”

However because of the high volume of people and the popularity of the show, most attendees can’t see everything at the show and instead is forced to focus on specific games or panels.

While countless games will be on display, many will be exclusive to Japan and will probably never see international release due to licensing issues.

This piece was reported by Joshua Martin‐Corrales. He will be one of our Temple Update Abroad reporters this semester while on Temple’s Japan Study-Away program. You can expect more work from Joshua throughout the fall semester. 

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