New Barnes and Noble Location

The Barnes and Noble location on Chestnut Street has finally opened to the public. 

The location was built after the previous store in Rittenhouse Square shut down to downsize.

The store manager explained that the new CEO wanted to switch from the traditional Barnes and Noble model and move into something smaller and closer to the business area and residential neighborhoods. 

“He has a vision that’s taking the store in a little bit of a different direction. He wants stores to be a little bit smaller and more community oriented,” says store manager Lynn Rosen

Rosen also mentioned that they’ve been working on the store for weeks and they have wonderful booksellers who are there ready to help.

Customers are excited about this new addition to their community and its new location. 

Jose Quiles, a customer, says, “The old Barnes and Noble. I don’t think it was getting as much attention. Right. So maybe this is a kind of like an eye-opening experience for the community as a whole to be able to use location as like a place of positivity.”

Minnie Salomon, a Philadelphia resident even stated “I definitely feel like it’s a lot better that it is around all of the stores because at least you can like spot it like smack dab in the middle of all these stores like you can’t miss it, it’s so huge you cannot miss it”

Another major difference in this new location is it not having restrooms or the traditional cafe that most Barnes and Noble have. Customers are concerned about the lack of the public restroom or sitting areas.

A Philadelphia resident and Barnes and Noble customer stated, “ I do not like that they don’t have bathrooms. So it’s pretty evident that they don’t want people to hang around too long. They also don’t have any chairs. So I definitely prefer the other spot. But for convenience and location, this is definitely better.”

Aside from the store not having public bathrooms and a cafe it does have a lot to offer and a new set of books with many different genres, and manager Rosen hopes this new modernized Barnes and Noble attracts customers. 

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