New Hoverboard Legislation in Philadelphia

Prior to the start of the Spring semester, Temple University announced that the use of hoverboards on campus would be prohibited to ensure the safety of students.

In the month since the ban was enacted, some students believe that the decision was the right call. Senior Julia Crusore is in favor of the ban because it helps prevent students from getting hurt. She says ” I don’t think it’s a bad idea, simply because they can be a distraction. People can get hurt, I’ve been on one, I fell, and it hurt”.

The popularity of videos of the boards catching fire, exploding, and people falling off have spread across social media, and created the trend, #hoverboardfail.

Following the lead of New York City, which banned the use of hoverboards in late 2015, Councilman Bill Greenlee is working with Philadelphia’s city council in order to regulate hoverboard safety.  He said ” We started seeing other cities setting regulations on hoverboards and hoverboard use, and we thought we’d start with what was easiest and most reasonable”.

As far as more regulations for hoverbpards in the future, councilman Greenlee says that “we’ll look at everything, and we’re going to keep talking to people, particularly in the medical field, if injuries continue.”

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