Klein Moves Closer to New Home

The Klein College of Media and Communication is moving to a new home. 

The Board of Trustees approved $18 million dollars for pre-construction designs back in July.

Bids are now coming in at 2:00 pm on Thursday, October 17th from nearly 20 different architecture firms.

Senior Vice Dean of Klein College Don Heller says The Klein College of Media and Communication and Center for Performing and Cinematic Arts are moving to a brand new building. 

He said, “We have the lowest square footage per student in the entire university.”

There are two possible locations for the new site.

The first is right outside Johnson and Hardwick dorms where Peabody hall once was.

The second location is right across the street on the corner of Broad and Norris. And Dean Heller says, this is the spot they’re leaning towards. 

“If you go over to West Broad, then what you have is more frontage on Broad Street, uh, that could be very attractive for the theatre, and then very attractive for Klein,” said Heller. 

The new space would help consolidate all operations, like classrooms, studios, and offices- including one Klein office over at 1938 Liacouras walk.

TFMA Adjunct faculty member Solali Udaybabu, also says the new space would be a big help. 

“I don’t know about the other departments but the film department is struggling, we don’t have space,” said Udaybabu. 

The new multi-use facility is still early in the pre-construction process. Dean Heller gave Temple Update a rundown of what’s coming up.

Designs will start in just over a month, in late November. If all goes according to plan, owls can expect to see construction start a year later, in January 2021. The final finish date is projected to be in fall 2023. 

Some students are already looking forward to their new home. 

Junior Ethan Ho says, “I think Temple has always been putting their effort into making new buildings and better facilities for all the students.” 

Although gears are beginning to shift towards the new space, Dean Heller says Annenberg Hall and Tomlinson Theater will not be left behind.

“We’re not gonna leave a mess, we’re not gonna create a mess,” said Heller. 

This is a developing story. Stick with Temple Update for more details. 

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