Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary has kicked off its annual Halloween attraction, “Terror Behind the Walls.”
“Terror Behind the Walls” consists of six different attractions, including “Machine Shop” and “Break Out!””Lock Down: The Uprising.” Kenny Wittwer, the attraction’s manager and an actor at Terror Behind the Walls, described what differences to expect in this season’s upgraded version of “Lock Down:”

“What’s different than the original Lock Down is all the inmates and guards are dead. They’ve all been wiped out completely and have been left behind. What’s there now is an evil force that’s been brewing under the grounds for centuries, that’s beginning to rise up and bring evil throughout the whole site. It’s a creepy, evil force that we don’t know exactly where they’re coming from, or what they’re looking for. But, we do know they are agile and ruthless, and have no chain of command.”

At Eastern State Penitentiary, they make it their mission to stand out more than any other haunted houses out there. “Well here at Terror Behind the Walls we really like to push the boundaries in the haunt industry, like in 2013 when we started adding new levels of interactivity, allowing guests to opt-in for a more hands-on experience. They can be grabbed, touched, and pulled away from their group. So we wanted to take a look at some of our old, more established attractions like Lock Down, and try to see if we could shake things up a bit,” says Kenny Wittwer.

“Terror Behind the Walls” is open until November 5, 2016. The best way to come to “Terror Behind the Walls” this year is to order tickets online at easternstate.org/Halloween. Tickets start at just $19 on weeknights if you order online, and your tickets are printed for a half-hour time slot.

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