New Student Housing Project Rises

It isn’t Tom Bock’s first rodeo when it comes to developing housing in the Temple community. Tom and his company; Bock Development, have been working with Temple Nest to develop student housing for nearly a decade.

“We’ve worked with Tom Citro and Temple Nest on over 350 beds for Temple students, and we created this project to enhance a need for housing for incoming freshman, as well as foreign and domestic (students).” Explained Bock.

The team at The Nest at 1324 have been developing a high rise apartment complex aimed to provide luxury housing to Temple students at a more affordable cost than other luxury apartments in the area. Bock identifies Temple housing staples like The View and Morgan hall as its direct competitors.

A rendering of The Nest’s finished product. PC: The Nest at 1324

In terms of luxury amenities, The Nest at 1324 offers a 24-hour tech center, study spaces, a fitness center, as well as a rooftop lounge with fire pits for students to relax.

The feature that Bock champions the most is security, arguing that the Nest will offer “security systems second to none” in the Temple area.

This system will include a bio-metric thumb reader, FOB keys, and 24-hour security staff. All of these security measures aim to make prospective students and their family feel more secure in living in off-campus housing.

One of the most common concerns when construction projects begin in the Temple community is how they will impact the surrounding community. Bock argues that the project’s placement on Broad will minimize this impact by separating students from the community, which he sees as everything west of 16th Street.

The Nest’s Sky Lounge
PC: The Nest at 1324 N Broad

“The residents, their homes are here, they don’t want students next door partying, or having a good time, or being loud.”

That being said, the sounds of jackhammers and miter saws can be heard ringing across Broad and Master Streets as the construction continues until the summer of 2019.

Leasing applications for the fall of 2019 are now open on The Nest at 1324’s website.


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