New Temple Police Officers & TUPA

Just hours earlier on Diamond street, police were following a blood trail Thursday night from a stabbing that left the victim in critical condition. Both of these violent crimes being so close to campus has prompted safety concerns from not only students but the temple police association as well. 


Temple University & TUPD sworn in 8 new police officers to their department. The officers graduated in McGonigle Hall on March 17th, 3 out of 8 officers being recent Temple graduates. Among the Temple Alumni group is Officer Daniel Kornak.

“Having great interactions with the police department, it was a no-brainer to put in an application here,” said Kornak on how he felt being assigned to TUPD

The new officers have already started their specialized 11 week training to learn the ropes on how TUPD operates. They are currently in a 2 week training learning the administrative side of TUPD, Kornak says,“then we go through a 9 week process with our field training officers so we can learn how things are so we will be on the street in less than 3 weeks.”

While welcoming these new officers, Temple Police Association president, Alec Shaffer, says they still need more police officers to effectively address safety around Temple.

“The biggest issue is the lack of police officers, without police officers we can’t implement any real crime-fighting strategies,” responded Shaffer on what resources are highly needed.

Shaffer also wanted to remind students and faculty to keep being vocal about making these safety changes, “Student body has really gotten behind us and the community here so it’s been very helpful.”

TUPA also put out a statement Sunday night in response to the recent crimes and called out Temple administration for quote, “shutting them out,” see statement below:

When asked about what more TUPA can do without administration, Shaffer said “we truly believe without some sort of open conversation none of this will be addressed.” 

Dr. Griffin has said the university is, “exceptionally safe and that the police shortage is not the only issue plaguing campus safety.”  

Since Dr. Griffin was hired, she has repeatedly declined to interview with Temple Update about campus safety.

Alec Shaffer told Temple Ipdate that no one from administration has reached out since they released the statement. you can read the full statement from TUPA on

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