North Philadelphia Housing Project Advances

After months of uncertainty, a stalled Habitat for Humanity housing project in North Philadelphia may have a path forward.

Last November, a plan for Habitat for Humanity to acquire land to build on was blocked over parking concerns. The proposed area, which stretches from 1604 to 1616 Page Street, is currently a parking lot that many locals depend on. The project includes six single-family affordable homes that the inhabitants will own following the completed construction.

After negotiations with the Philadelphia city council and North Philadelphia residents, Habitat for Humanity believes they now have a proposal that is palatable to everyone involved. They hope the city council will table the new plan in April. Habitat for Humanity cites the growing affordable housing crisis in Philadelphia as a need to build affordable units for families.

The PEW research center estimates that over 40% of Philadelphians are cost-burdened with their housing. Residents are considered cost-burdened when they spend over 30% of their total income on housing. By building affordable housing such as the proposed units on Page Street, Habitat for humanity plans to combat this dangerous statistic.

In an interview, Tom Mahan, the Communications Director for Philadelphia Habitat for Humanity highlighted the growing need for affordable housing. “We know that over 40% of Philadelphians are spending over 30% of their income on mortgages and rent which is not affordable and not sustainable.”

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