Owls Fly at Klein Career Fair


The Klein College of Media and Communication hosted its annual Career Fair on Friday. 

In its fifth year, the career fair allows students to explore career opportunities and be introduced to potential employers. Since its creation, the fair has nearly tripled the number of businesses in attendance, from 30 to 80. This year, attendees included 6ABC, iHeartRadio, and the Philadelphia Flyers

Over 700 students RSVP’d for the event through Klein Connect, a site created for Klein students and alumni to expand their career opportunities. 

Yet, despite these numbers, does participating in the career fair directly translate to an increase in employment? 

Senior Media Studies and Production major, Carl Jack, commented on his impression of the fair’s impact.

“You get to talk with a lot of different company heads. It helps you understand what you need to have in your resume and it opens you up to different opportunities outside of school.”

Employers like Noelle Allen from Harmelin Media explained the career fair is a perfect place for students to sharpen their communication skills. 

“I think it’s giving students a face to the company. It’s one thing to put yourself out there and send an email, but it’s another thing to stand in front of someone and actually have a conversation,” she said. 

Kiana Cook, a sophomore Advertising major, originally felt overwhelmed at the fair. Not often in a setting with very professional employers, she was uncomfortable at her first fair.

“I’m really bad at talking to adults and authority figures in general. Business people seem way above me.”

Yet after some time talking with a few companies, Cook admitted the fair was more beneficial than she thought. The fair not only gave her an outlet to practice her communication skills, but provided practical ways to meet and network with people.

“I got a lot of business cards, so now I have names to faces and people to reach out to LinkedIn, and people to email one on one.”

The fair is not only a great way for students to improve how they speak to employers but also gives them the opportunity to work on their resume . In order to even sign up for the fair, students need to submit an approved resume on Klein Connect. Klein Career Services was also present at the far, with team members there to assist students if they need guidance or a quick break from the crowds.

For anyone looking to attend the fair next year or looking for career advice on anything from resumes to interviewing skills, contact Klein Career Services at advise@temple.edu, or reach out directly to Professor LuAnn Cahn, Director of Career Services at luanncahn@temple.edu.  

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