Student Killed in Hit and Run on Temple’s Campus

A man was found dead after being struck by a vehicle in a wrong way hit-and-run, police reported Monday.

According to authorities, surveillance footage recorded Monday showed a car speeding the wrong way down Cecil B. Moore Avenue, driving erratically down the street.

A man was later struck by the vehicle and launched some distance away, later dying at the scene.

According to authorities the victim was carrying a TUID but Temple and PPD have not stated whether or not the victim was a student.

Police later located a Hyundai vehicle with extensive damage to its front bumper in close proximity to the crime scene, which is now being investigated for links to the hit-and-run.

Officials have not verified the identity of the victim. This is an ongoing investigation. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

UPDATE: Temple officials have confirmed that the man struck and killed on Cecil B. Moore was Ajay Agnihotri, a 4th year student from Lancaster County in the college of liberal arts. University officials have urged anybody needing assistance during this time to reach out to Tuttleman Counseling at 215-204-7276 or on their website here.

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