Partying Safely This Halloween Weekend

Halloween has arrived, and this year it feels a bit different. Obviously the past two Halloweens have been slightly abnormal to say the least, but students are more ready than ever to enjoy the spooky holiday in what looks to be the new normal. 

Despite Covid-19’s loosened stronghold on everyday life, there is still reason to be slightly wary of health protocols going into the holiday. Many have forgone their masks and social distancing principles since the start of the Fall 2022 semester, but some are still taking safety precautions against the Coronavirus and now monkeypox. Second Year graduate student Kent Ha expressed his concerns for spreading during the festive gatherings: “Students going out partying, very close together without masks, the risk of contraction is very high”. Senior Christopher Castaneda does not see much room for concern, citing his recent fourth Covid-19 vaccine dose and flu shot as his reason for peace of mind while amongst a crowd. It does not hurt to play it safe while out and masks are still encouraged. Also, if you feel sick, stay home for everyone else’s safety. 

Off-campus crime has also been a major concern since the start of the semester. Students who will be traveling to parties should always be aware of your surroundings. Traveling in a group is also highly advised, especially during the evening. Temple College of Public Health’s Micah Katz-Zeiger also explained how students can look out for one another while at a party. “One idea is having a designated safe person at your party… where that person is someone you check in with”. Parties can be a frantic scene, so having one or two people monitor things can save a lot of headaches during the proceedings and especially the next day. 

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