John Fetterman Rallies in South Philadelphia

As midterm elections are quickly approaching, candidate John Fetterman spent a day in South Philadelphia this past weekend, rallying to reach those to go out and vote.

Families gathered this past chilly Sunday morning at the rally that took place at Dickinson Square Park, hosted by John Fetterman and two lawmakers, Elizabeth Fielder and Nikil Saval, to show support for Fetterman.

 The park was filled with people holding Fetterman signs, along with a Fetterman truck selling T-shirts. They also hosted a number of tables where you can join voting committees and arts and crafts tables for the children who attended.

Nikil Saval hit the stand first to express his support for Fetterman, along with stating the importance of why everyone should go out and vote.

“Voting is just one of the key ways that people make their voice heard in a democracy like ours and so many issues are on the ballot this November, not just in terms of the candidates but in terms of what the candidates are fighting for ” said State Senator, Nikil Saval.

When Fetterman hit the stand he accused Republican candidate Mehmet Oz of trying to buy his way in the seat, claimingthat Oz spent over $20 million of his own money on this campaign and had moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. 

Fetterman also spoke about a number of things he says he will do if he wins this election. He vowed to increase minimum wage, expand access to health care, and to protect abortion rights.

Committee person in the 39th ward of South Philadelphia, Julie Szymaszek encouraged those to get out there and vote, suggesting that people go tell their neighbors.

“Our goal is to get 30 thousand voters out there or to knock on the doors of 30 thousand voters to get out to vote for John Fetterman,” said Julie Szymazek.

As the rally ended, the next steps for supporters were to go out and knock on their neighbors doors, to get them to vote in this upcoming election.

Election day is now less than three weeks away, taking place on November 8th. You are able to find your voting polling place on

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