Passyunk Avenue Comes to London


Passyunk Avenue is home to more than just a street name. In London, it is also a Philly-themed restaurant and bar that is bringing the classic cheesesteak to the UK.

The restaurant was created by South Philly native JP Teti, a business owner who first gained recognition with the Liberty Cheesesteaks food truck in London’s Spitalfields market. Teti has been working hard for the last three years to bring a part of home to London.

“We’re trying to create an American lifestyle experience brand here that focuses on intentionally regional cuisine and regional culture,” says Teti. “We thought that the timing was right for a brand shift.”

Ironically, Teti wanted to reinvent his business and adopt a new name without “cheesesteak” in the title. He hopes that the new restaurant would be more appealing to Londoners.

“Lots of people in London don’t know what a cheesesteak is, in fact, most people don’t,” he says.

The restaurant menu offers more than just classic cheesesteaks, with traditional buffalo wings and a Reading Terminal cheesesteak to name a few items.

Passyunk Avenue fully launches on April 5th to commemorate the Phillies’ 2018 season home opener.

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