National Museum of American Jewish History Opens Exhibit on Leonard Bernstein

National Museum of American Jewish History at 5th & Market Street

People now have the opportunity to explore an exhibit about one of the most influential musical icons of the 20th century; and it’s right here in Philadelphia. The latest exhibit at the National Museum of American Jewish History entitled “Leonard Bernstein: The Power of Music” features an interactive experience that reflects on the man behind the music. Since opening on Friday, March 16th, museum goers take a walk down history exploring real artifacts, documents, and instruments from Bernstein’s life.

“We are marking the centennial with a special exhibition that examines Leonard Bernstein’s life and work through a lens that is not being explored through other museums,” says Ivy Weingram, who spent a total of three years curating the exhibit.

The Power of Music is much more than a regular exhibit because visitors have the opportunity to learn about a man that not only had an influence on music and religion, but more importantly identity.

“The story that we’re telling in this exhibition is really about identity and the number of identity crises that Leonard Bernstein went through, and that people of every age and every generation continue to wrestle with,” says Weingram.

Bernstein’s Steinway & Sons Piano

Bernstein had many different roles throughout the course of his life, and teaching people was one of them.

“He was such a great communicator about music and about really promoting classical music for all Americans in a way,” says Boyer College of Music and Dance Chair of Keyboard Studies Dr. Charles Abramovic.

While it took quite some time to open, the exhibit will only be around until September 2nd before it travels to a number of cities.

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