Pet Friendly Campus?

Pets have become a hot commodity on college campuses across the nation.


Dog fever has become a very popular trend at Temple University, with more students bringing their dogs to campus. Due to Temple’s Service and Assistance Policy, students aren’t allowed to have pets on campus unless their Housing with Students with a Disability request is approved.


Emily Salmon, a junior at Temple University, recently got her dog Finn as an emotional support animal to help relieve the daily challenges of life and needs that love that animals have always brought her.


Salmon lives with her dog off-campus avoiding Temple’s policy, but agrees that adding a dog-friendly dorm would be a good idea:


“An animal can really help whether it be a dog or a cat. It can significantly help your life,” said Emily.


La Salle University recently opened St.George Hall, a dog-friendly residence that allows students to bring their furry friends to live with them. The University also permits emotional support animals to students in need. 


La Salle’s new policy allows students to own approved dogs on-campus as pets as long as they follow the required items and necessary forms, according to La Salle.


Temple University’s Director of Housing Operations, Shana Alston believes that “having dogs on-campus would help students feel closer to home” but also says that there aren’t any plans to build a dog-friendly residence hall, but hopes that in the near future it would be under consideration.

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