Peter and Tina Fey Create Temple Scholarship

Tina FeyTina Fey and her brother, Peter, have created a scholarship within Temple’s School of Media and Communication (SMC).

Tina announced the scholarship on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Titled the Donald H. Fey Memorial Scholarship, it is in honor of her late father, Donald Fey, SMC ‘66, who was a journalist early in his career.

The scholarship combines their father’s passion for journalism, along with his servitude in the Korean War by designing it for returning veterans who plan to study journalism.

In an interview with SMC, Tina said her father was a true Philadelphian and really inspiring. “By the way he lived, you know, by his code, he showed us the right way to live life: to be open-minded, to get the facts, and to experience all life had to offer.”  

Similar to his father, Peter is also a Temple Alumnus. He graduated from SMC in 1984. He told SMC his father was proud of where he was from, and where he ended up. “ He’s a local guy, but he is pretty much a citizen of the world. If we could all think a little more like that, it would be a very good thing.”

The hope is that the recipients of the scholarship will honor their father’s legacy, and pursue their intended field passionately.

Contributions to the Donald H. Fey Memorial Scholarship can be made here.

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