“Pharmacists are more than just behind the counter.”

October is National Pharmacy month and Temple’s been helping to promote it through its annual Health Fair at the Student Center. The event uses work of both students and professionals to help explain how vital their field is to the community.

“Most patients will see pharmacists as being people behind a counter, counting pills things like that,” said Associate Professor at the School of Pharmacy, Lawrence Carey “But there’s so much more to pharmacy than that.”

“We really want to get the message out there that pharmacists are more than just behind the counter,” said Lisa Dragic, third year pharmacy student. “We’re really in contact with patients and can be a help to them.”

“We’re the last ones to tell them how to take it, what to take it with, the safety issues of a medication, just to be sure, it’s for the patients safety,” said Kim Tran, third year pharmacy student.

The event had presentations on eight different health topics, with students in attendance receiving raffle prizes.

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