Students Abroad Experience First Tokyo Typhoon Season

Temple Update has had several reporters and contributors who studied away or abroad this year, this is the account of Reporter Joshua Martin-Corrales and his experience with typhoon season in Japan. 

Students in Temple University’s Study Abroad Program in Japan experienced their first typhoon season while away.

Japan has had two typhoons in the last two weekends, one of them was so severe that Temple’s campus was forced to close. Several events around the city were forced to cancel due to the heavy winds and rain that came with the typhoons.

Temple student Jocelyn Gluck was forced to cancel her trip to Hachijojima, a volcanic island in Japan.

“I was really looking forward to snorkeling, there are supposed to be several rare fish you can only find in Hachijojima,” said Gluck.

Student Becca Yelton is doing a home stay outside the city and was highly affected by the typhoons.

“I live outside the city, around that area all the trains shut down during a typhoon so you have a hard time getting anywhere,” said Yelton.

What is considered ‘Typhoon Season’ in Japan is nearly over, be sure to keep up with Joshua’s reports from his experience abroad right here.

This piece was reported by Joshua Martin‐Corrales. He will be one of our Temple Update Abroad reporters this semester while on Temple’s Japan Study-Away program. You can expect more work from Joshua throughout the fall semester.

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