PhilaCan Targets Litter in North Philadelphia


The Philadelphia Street Department’s 6-month pilot program, “PhilaCan,” is still in effect on neighboring streets around Temple University.

Launched in November of 2018, the initiative is designed to cut down on litter, and increase property values, health and safety, and the city’s beauty.  

Residents in the area of 18th St. to Cecil B. Moore Ave to Cumberland Street  are eligible to request 35-gallon trash cans .

Trash begins to pile up fairly quickly in between trash pick-up days, and North Philadelphia Resident Jamal Keys thinks the new trash cans is a great idea.

“I think the trash cans are good, but I think they need to put maybe two. Some people have more trash than others.”

The areas the incentive covers were chosen by a litter score on the Street Department’s litter index. The index can be found on Department website, and residents are able to insert their address to configure what their area’s score would be.

Temple student Doreen Nguyen says the trash cans will be key in keeping trash in place and off the streets.

“When they’re overfilled, I’ve seen so many people just throw it on top of the trash can, so I think it’s good, they have the lids to keep the trash in and it won’t be blowing out.”

Philadelphia residents are encouraged to visit the Philadelphia Street Department’s website and register if they wish to receive the trash cans. Approval of 75% of a residents in the block are needed to receive the cans. 

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