Report from Oviedo: Sidra Street

“La sidra es de todo Asturias”
Those are the words of Oviedo resident Ana Isabel. The English translation is, “the cider is from all of Asturias.” Ana told that to Temple Update as she was enjoying a refreshing glass of Asturian cider on Calle Gascona, one of the most famous streets in Oviedo.
Calle Gascona is known as the Boulevard of the Cider, with over 15 Sidrerias right in the heart of the city. The cider, which is made only in northern Spain, must be poured in a particular way, holding the bottle far above the glass to allow for the aeration which gives the sidra its lively taste.
Oviedo’s Temple Owls have been in their new city for three months, and some have been to Calle Gascona, trying to learn how to live — and pour sidra — like true Asturians.
In addition to the unique pouring instructions, sidra also comes with very specific drinking instructions, according to Ana Isabel: “Get a drop of cider, take it in one sip, and leave a little at the end. Of the cider that’s left, drink it all at once.”

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