Students Walk for AIDS Awareness

This past Sunday thousands of people gathered for Philly’s annual Aid’s Walk at the Art museum. The 5K walk and run goal is to spread awareness and education about HIV/ AIDS.

Max Ray-Riek a member of Act Up Philadelphia stated “It’s about the community coming together and being visible and open in Philadelphia. So people know that HIV is still a problem and it’s a problem that has a solution.”

The walk has been around for 29 years and has seen a growth as the years have gone on, especially in the younger community. 1 in 4 new infections of HIV are among youth. Executive director Robb Reichard says how important it is for young people to be involved with the walk. “We have a continuing epidemic and it is impacting young people. So seeing young people out here getting involved. We need that new group of activist to be out there fighting with us, along side of us.”

There were many Temple students that took place during the walk. Temple Junior Akshita Gurajala was very dedicated to the walk.

“Now a day’s, young people are becoming more passionate in the cause,” said Gurajala “We are raising a lot of money and we know that we care about everyone in the community. We are showing we can come out as a big group and just do something like this on a Sunday morning.”

The walk also included memorial quilts which is a reminder of all the lives that have been lost to HIV/AIDS. Before the walk started, the group of supports warmed up with a zumba routine.



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