Philadelphia Carjackings on Record Pace

This year has only just begun, however the first couple of months of 2022 has brought some very concerning crime numbers. So far this year, there have been over 140 reported carjackings in the city of Philadelphia. Compare this number to the 244 reported carjackings for the entire year of 2019, and this number becomes startling.

If the pace of carjacking crimes remains as it is so far, 2022 is on track to far exceed the record setting number of 757 reported carjacking’s in 2021.

This worrying trend has some Temple University students concerned about crime in Philadelphia and especially close to campus. Tyler Williams, a Temple student, shared his experience with us as a student and what he thinks about the situation around carjackings:

“We are driving to and from classes, it’s definitely something that isn’t, you know, safe either on campus or even the couple blocks off of campus. So just in terms of security reasons, it definitely is, you know, something that we should be looking more into maybe securing the area.”

Tyler Williams

The Philadelphia police recently posted on their social media about how to stay safe and avoid getting carjacked. These include being careful while entering or exiting your vehicle. Especially around areas such as gas stations, parking garages and ATM’s. As well as common tactics such as “bump and run” which criminals use to get an opening.

If you are ever involved in a carjacking, make sure to stay calm during the altercation and give them what they want. Your life is far more valuable than a vehicle or other items that they might take. When you have the opportunity to do so, immediately contact the police to report the crime.

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