LAUNCHED: RAVE Temple Guardian

Temple University's New Campus Safety App

The new safety app for Temple University students, RAVE Temple Guardian, launched Monday. The app was set up as one of President Jason Wingard’s three new campus safety initiatives.

Temple Update’s Iasia Caraballo spoke to a couple of students about their engagement with the app.

One student, Sophia Sabri, wasn’t sure about the apps features, “They mentioned a few features but I honestly don’t remember.”

Even without clarity of some of the app’s uses, students seemed willing to give it a try and can see it’s potential for increasing their safety around campus.

“People who don’t have the Citizens App they might actually push to download that one [RAVE Temple Guardian] just to have the overall safety,” said Temple Student Nyla Rashied.

Temple Update caught up with Charles Leone, Executive Director of Campus Safety, to ask how the University plans to advertise and increase student engagement with the app.

“There are some links we’ll be putting out to websites. They’re working on, there’s a little video of How-To,” Charles explained.

After launching the app with no major roadblocks, the focus is now on making sure students become aware of the app and it’s features.

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