Philadelphia Celebrates Its 30th Film Festival

After many theaters were left empty over the pandemic, the Philadelphia Film Society hopes to bring people back with its 30th annual Film Festival.

Held across multiple venues around the city, the Film Festival features films from around the world and locally produced Philadelphia films. This is alongside bringing in acclaimed guests, such as directors M. Night Shyamalan and Guillermo Del Toro.

Attendees, including many students from Temple, were excited about the event and the return to the big screen.

“The theater experience is definitely what made me want to go into film,” said Temple senior Colleen Mulville. “In just that excitement I had with my parents as a kid, going.”

Temple Senior Avery Leach also noted, “It’s really nice to hear an audience also react to something, instead of just your empty room and your cat.”

In wake of the pandemic, many viewing events such as these are the comeback that theaters need. So far, the festival has been successful, with some even surprised at the amount of people who came out to support the theater experience.

An experience that many hope to preserve in wake of the rise of streaming, which has changed the theater business.

“Going to the theater is such a large part of the experience of making a film,” said Mulville. “I would hate to see theaters go extinct.”

The event will continue throughout the rest of the week, with plenty of films and activities remaining on the schedule. With a few days left, make sure to grab a ticket and head on down to support the festival!

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