Supply Chain Shortage Impacts Temple Food Trucks

Written by Corey Thompson

Global supply chain issues have made their way to food trucks on campus. The food trucks are facing shortages that require them to buy items in bulk and raise their prices.

“It’s been tough; we have a lot of shortages. We have to improvise, and everything has gone up sky high even when we do find it,” Virginia Apostolopoulos said.

That is how Virginia Apostolopoulos, the owner of the Crepe Truck in Philadelphia, feels about the recent supply chain shortage. Amidst the lack and increase of prices of items on her menu, she must raise her prices.

The Crepe Truck is not the only food truck that is affected by the shortage.

“The grocery prices have gone up double, so we have to raise our prices,” Jennifer Paek said.

Jennifer Paek is the owner of the Honey Truck in Philadelphia. She said that her problem isn’t receiving the items but paying to get them.

“Our menu here is most likely chicken, so the chicken prices have gone up double, so we have to raise our price a dollar or more on the menu,” Paek said.

The managers are hopeful that the global supply chain issue will improve and glad that students are understanding.

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