Philadelphia Increasing Indoor Dining Capacity

It has been over four months since the City of Philadelphia has decreased their indoor dining capacities.

The city released a new set of standards that would allow restaurants to increase their indoor capacities from 25% to 50%. Restaurants who have fully operational HVAC systems and can handle 15 exchanges of new air every hour should file an application to the Philadelphia Department of Health.

While these new standards were released over a week ago, not every establishment has made the changes they need to in order to gain approval from the city.

Stogie Joe’s Tavern, a small family owned restaurant in South Philadelphia, has been hit hard due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the harsh winter weather Philadelphia has been experiencing, opening up to 50% would help them bring in more business in order for them to remain open.

“Opening up to 50% I think we could have at least 20 people and that is one more table, everything helps,” said Karli Griggs, an employee at Stogie’s.

Larger franchises across the city have already taken the necessary steps needed in order to submit applications as soon as possible.

Misconduct, a well-known bar and grill that has two spots in the heart of Center City, wasted no time in getting their HVAC units tested and running to meet all qualifications.

“Immediately once we heard about it we had our HVAC professional come out here and go through every one of our vents and put the necessary filters in,” said Fleming Kerr, the Manager at the Locust Street Misconduct.

Restaurants being able to open up to 50% capacity inside would not only boost revenue, but would help these places maintain order and stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the health department has already received over 25 applications from various restaurants across the city, it is unknown how long these establishments will have to wait in order to gain approval.

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