Philadelphia International Airport launches new “WingMate” program

The airport’s new “Wingmate” program will now all non-ticketed guests to enter the airport to shop, dine, and accompany loved ones to their gate. The program is scheduled to launch next week on November first.

Marketing and Branding Director, Megan O’Connell is enthusiastic about the opportunities Wingmate will offer; “It is primarily used for people who want to support loved ones or friends who are flying out, but you can also meet inbound domestic passengers at their gate as well”.

Wingmate guests will be granted permission to proceed through security checkpoints alongside ticketed passengers. “There’s not a dedicated TSA line. There are right now at the beginning of the program, 2 checkpoints that you can use” she says.

Wingmate participants can receive special dining discounts during their visit. “We have several concessionaires who are offering discounts for those who use the guest pass”.

Temple student Tony Vricella plans to utilize the promotions during his trips back home to Chicago; “I would maybe even spend a little more time there if I had my girlfriend with me, maybe get a bite to eat or something before my flight”.

Along with access to local in-airport restaurants and cafes, retail stores are also offering exclusive deals for Wingmate guests; “with the holidays coming up, there’s also going to be a lot of promotions and discounts and deals for holiday shopping as well”.

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