Highland Orchards Fall Activities

Highland Orchards hosts fall festival weekends through autumn featuring various activities for students to get into the Halloween and fall spirit. The family owned farm, located near West Chester and Downingtown, has been open since 1941 and is just a short train ride away from the city. 

Visitors can enjoy hayrides, apple and pumpkin picking and stop into the farm market and bakery for homegrown produce and fresh baked goods.  Their market started as a small stand under a sycamore tree. Today, it stands as a full size building located along that same tree. The farm has expanded their selection to include seasonal crops throughout the year, such as strawberries, apples, and peaches. The fresh apple cider donuts are a fan favorite and were awarded “Philly’s best.” However, the market also has fresh pies and homemade apple cider available to purchase. 

 Visitor Brooke Matonti says, “We are here with my whole family and we are apple picking.  it’s been a tradition since i don’t even know how old i was.” 

Levante Beer Garden is located on Highland Orchards property and is open for the next two weekends before it closes for the winter on November 4th

Pam Bogdanoff says what she is doing at Highland this weekend. “We’re hanging around till the beer garden opens, and then we’re just gonna play,” she says. 

While the adults can check out what’s on tap, kids can have some fall fun around the farm. 

Alyssa Shaffer discusses her son’s favorite part of the farm, saying, “for my son it’s the tractors. He likes sitting on the tractors.” 

Highland Orchards also has tents and food trucks during the weekends, so people can spend all day there without leaving. 

Even the orchard’s employees are excited for the weekends surrounding halloween. Tyler Moskowitz works in the market and explains why he loves Highland. 

“The best part about being here during Halloween is how busy it is and there’s always someone that needs to be helped,” he says. 

To get to Highland Orchards this weekend students can take the Paoli/Thorndale line to Downingtown, which makes a stop just 10 minutes from Highland Orchards. 

Reporting for Temple Update, I’m Julia Kessler. 

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