Philadelphia to increase bike safety efforts

Philadelphia is ranked among the most bike-friendly cities in the nation, but that doesn’t mean students or Philadelphians are always willing to hop on a bike and ride around town.

The city is hoping that will change with their recent commitment to bike safety.

City officials say they plan to add more than ten new miles of bike lanes. Among those ten miles of lanes, the city is expecting for the first time to install two protected bike lanes, both of which will be installed in Northeast Philadelphia.

The protected lanes will run along Frankford and Ryan Avenues.

Officials say the protected bike lanes will be placed on streets between the curb and the parking lane. They say the city is planning to place traffic delineators, or raised humps on the street to prevent cars from parking in the protected lanes.

Streets Commissioner David Perri told the protected bike lanes will start in Northeast Philadelphia partly because Councilman Bobby Henon, a representative of Northeast Philadelphia, has been a vocal advocate for them.

The announcement of an increase bike safety lanes comes just more than one month after the launch of Philadelphia’s Bike Share program “Indego”

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