Ready Set IndeGO!


Philly is getting bluer by the day. The launch of the Indego Bike Share program took place on Thursday morning in front of Eakins Oval. The launch comes just in time for the warmer spring season.

Soft seats, mud flaps and a blue frame are just some of the features of the new bikes, which will soon fill the streets of the city.

The bike kiosks are designed to operate with ease. Riders tap their membership keys over card readers to unlock a bike from the rack. The bike can then be ridden for up to an hour before being returned to another one of the 60 kiosks locations. Once finished, riders can then slide their bikes back into the blue racks and wait for the beep and the green light.

There is also an option for part time riders. Credit card are accepted at the kiosks for those looking take one ride at a time.

Students around campus are excited about the new launch.

Bike Temple Coordinator Blake Larson said, “It’s just kind of nice to have that option on days when you don’t bring your bike. Maybe you only want to bring you nike one way.  It’s great to be able to have that flexibility.”


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