Philadelphia Zoo Opens a New Prehistoric Exhibit


The Philadelphia Zoo opened up their new, prehistoric exhibit last Thursday called Big Time: Life in an Endangerous Age.

The tourist attraction was an effective way for the Zoo to get back on its feet by drawing in a big crowd for the opening week. The walk-thru experience, which has been sold out since last Thursday, gives the opportunity for individuals to revisit prehistoric and endangered species with a life-sized perception.

The exhibit displays extinct and endangered species, giving the public the opportunity to see the size and appearance of these prehistoric animals. With their immersive sounds, surroundings and backgrounds, the educational walk through provides a new insight into Earth before our time with a realistic view.

In maintaining COVID safety guidelines, the zoo is surrounded by signs enforcing social distancing, sanitation, and mask regulation. They added a creative touch by marking the six-feet rule with paw prints while tourists wait in lines.

The sold-out exhibit kept crowds coming in safely. Some indoor sections are sectioned off. IYou need to book your tickets online through their website in advance to secure a spot to see Philadelphia Zoo’s newest attraction.

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